RV Celtic Voyager CV14007

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Ship name (ship code)RV Celtic Voyager (45CV)
Cruise identifierCV14007
Cruise period2014-05-05 — 2014-05-16
Port of departureCork, Ireland
Port of returnCork, Ireland
ObjectivesThe collapse of the Irish Ice Sheet in the Celtic Sea sector and its marine habitat legacy.


To determine the sub-seabed stratigraphy with unprecedented high resolution in the top 20m of the Celtic Sea substrate by acquisition of boomer and/or sparker data in order to investigate the nature of the large linear sand ridges on the floor of the Celtic Sea. These have been variously interpreted as a product of either subglacial melwater or tidal reworking (Praeg et al., 2010 and 2013 vs. Scourse et al., 2009b), but a fundamental impediment to resolving this has been the lack of detailed high-resolution data from these features. Our proposed research directly addresses this and additionally will provide data on the marine habitats they provide.

To collect information on the contemporary seafloor morphology, sedimentary properties and associations of benthic fauna and bottom water properties in the region through the acquisition of multibeam data and seafloor samples (i.e. grabs). This area is of particular interest for example for Nephrops fisheries (Gerritsen & Lordan, 2011) and the data will improve the knowledge of general habitat potential in the survey area.

To investigate the morpho-sedimentary legacy of ice extent and retreat on subsequent postglacial sediment deposition centres and associated ecosystems in order to assess the impact of past glaciation on ecosystem development. A direct deliverable of this objective will be the production of large scale base maps showing the relationship between present-day habitats and ice sheet dynamics.

To conduct day-light marine mammal observations (as required during any seismic acquisition). These data will also increase the dataset of sightings in the area and will aid towards preparations of Strategic Environmental Assessments in the Celtic Sea (Hammond et al., 2008).

To provide experience for undergraduate and postgraduate students aboard, increasing their knowledge of sea going operations and survey methods.
Chief scientistSara Benetti (University of Ulster School of Environmental Sciences)
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Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralCeltic Sea
Specific51.3777N to 49.0852N, 10.4272W to 7.4301W