Mianda 2014 Trials

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Ship name (ship code)Mianda (45MN)
Cruise identifier2014 Trials
Cruise period2014-06-17 — 2014-07-30
Port of departureDunmore East, Ireland
Port of returnDunmore East, Ireland
ObjectivesSELTRA sorting box Selectivity trial. With the new CFP's objective of reducing or eliminating unwanted bycatch in commercial fisheries within European waters a series of national trials are planned which will help achieve this objective. 10 days of fishing trials using a SELTRA equipped trawl and 300m SMP equipped trawl are planned and it is intended to operate this gear from the MFV Mianda (DA70). The trial is designed as a selectivity experiment using the paired trawl selectivity method (40mm mesh size).
Chief scientistDaragh Browne (Irish Sea Fisheries Board, Galway)
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GeneralCeltic Sea