RV Maria S. Merian MSM53

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Ship name (ship code)RV Maria S. Merian (06M2)
Cruise identifierMSM53
Cruise period2016-03-31 — 2016-05-09
Port of departureKiel, Germany
Port of returnSt. John's, Canada

Estimate the transport fluctuations of the subpolar gyre as it enters the eastern subpolar North Atlantic at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (CTDO/LADCP, vm-ADCP, tracers, PIES, moored instruments)
Quantify the export of deep water in the western boundary current off Flemish Cap at 47°N (moorings, CTOD/LADCP, vm-ADCP, tracers)
Obtain continuous time series of the variability of the North Atlantic Current (NAC) inflow and recirculation in the Newfoundland Basin at 47°N (PIES, CTDO/LADCP, vm-ADCP, tracers)
Investigate the variability of water masses and transports in Flemish Pass and their relation to changes observed in the boundary current in the southern Labrador Sea (moorings, CTDO/LADCP,vm-ADCP, tracers)
Study the variability of water masses and transports in the eastern basin of the subpolar North Atlantic and off the European continental shelf (moorings, CTDO/LADCP,vm-ADCP, tracers)
Measure concentrations of anthropogenic transient tracers in seawater on selected stations in the Newfoundland Basin and at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to infer spreading pathways of North Atlantic Deep Water and infer changes in the formation of deep water (tracers, CTDO).
Chief scientistDagmar Kieke (University of Bremen Institute of Environmental Physics)
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Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth Atlantic Ocean
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