Cotes De La Manche TRAMAT

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Ship name (ship code)Cotes De La Manche (35C4)
Cruise identifierTRAMAT
Cruise period2016-03-30 — 2016-04-11
Port of departureCherbourg, France
Port of returnCherbourg, France
ObjectivesThe aim of the TRAMAT cruise is to better understand the behavior of the fine sediment particles (< 63 μm) within a seabed composed of coarse and fine sediment particles. The acquired in situ data will allow improving the particle transport law computed in the hydro-sedimentary module of the MARS model developed at the IFREMER (France). MARS model can be used to predict dispersion, transport and transfer of pollutant compounds within a marine ecosystem. In situ seabed particle transport processes will be studied by monitoring current and particle dynamics closed to the water-sediment interface at 4 different locations and during a 24-hour cycle at each location. The monitoring will be done by deploying in situ instruments (mainly ADCP and DYSPI) and sampling sediment and water.
Chief scientistPhilippe Laguionie (Cherbourg-Octeville Radioecology Laboratory)
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