FFS Walther Herwig III 396

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)FFS Walther Herwig III (06NI)
Cruise identifier396
Cruise period2016-07-04 — 2016-07-15
Port of departureBremerhaven, Germany
Port of returnBremerhaven, Germany
ObjectivesAn international team comprising scientists from UK (2), The Netherlands (1) and Germany (6) took part in a fisheries survey in the Dogger Bank area in the North Sea covering the tri-national Dogger Bank Natura 2000 MPA as well as a small section of the Danish EEZ. 34 hauls were sampled during WH396. 20 hauls were sampled in the UK part of the Dogger Bank, 9 hauls in the Dutch, 4 in the German part and 1 in the Danish sector, respectively. 41 CTD casts were deployed, 7 extra stations and 34 casts in combination with the hauls. The video test was run in the German sector. Small fish sampling by means of dredge sampling and beam trawls was not undertaken due to time constraints.
Chief scientistHeino O Fock (Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries, Hamburg)
Cruise reportFFS Walther Herwig III 396 cruise report waltherherwigiii_396.pdf (1.09 MB) 
NPRCFFS Walther Herwig III 396 NPRC waltherherwigiii_396.pdf (0.68 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth Sea
SpecificDogger Bank