RRS James Clark Ross JR16004

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Ship name (ship code)RRS James Clark Ross (74JC)
Cruise identifierJR16004
Cruise period2017-01-24 — 2017-03-13
Port of departureStanley, Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
Port of returnPunta Arenas, Chile
ObjectivesJR16004 had two main components.
One (SME975) in which we will remain north of the Sea-ice zone, in the southern Antarctic Circumpolar Current region. This component of the cruise enters within the framework of the long-term monitoring of this ocean section (A23), as part of the ORCHESTRA project. It will allow us to assess water-mass modification and changes, and in particular, changes and trends in the Antarctic Bottom Water.
The second component of JR16004 (SME986) aims at zooming onto the source region of Antarctic Bottom Water, where potential changes at A23 would originate. In particular, Antarctic Bottom Water are formed by relatively warm current that enters in contact with ice-shelves. We will investigate the processes controlling the on-shore transport of relatively warm water onto the shelf toward the ice-shelves. Specifically we aim at observing the circulation (seasonality, time-scale) and forcing (tide, sea-ice, air-sea) of the circulation on the continental shelf, and make unprecedented measurements of the biological and physical carbon pumps and associated acidification.
Specifically, involved conducting a one repeat meridional hydrographic section (A23) along ~30°W, south of South Georgia, and a set of small hydrographic and biogeochemical sections across the continental shelf break, and across the Filchner Depression on the continental shelf break, as well as mooring deployment and recovery, float deployments, and seals tagging. Combined, this consisted of more 175 CTD stations, 9 mooring deployments, 3 mooring recovery, 5 tagged seals, 13 floats deployed, plus running underway surface ocean/met sensors.
Chief scientistJean-Baptiste Sallee (Oceanography and Climate Laboratory)
ProjectOcean Regulation of Climate by Heat and Carbon Sequestration and Transports (ORCHESTRA), WAPITI
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Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralSouth West Atlantic Ocean (limit 20W)
Southern Ocean
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Discrete samples 
30  CTD frame plus rosette sampler