FRV Scotia 1116S

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Ship name (ship code)FRV Scotia (748S)
Cruise identifier1116S
Cruise period2016-08-05 — 2016-08-25
Port of departureAberdeen, United Kingdom
Port of returnAberdeen, United Kingdom

1. To complete an internationally coordinated demersal trawling survey in the North Sea in ICES area IV.
2. To participate in the IBTSWG tow duration experiment where for every rectangle that is sampled twice, one tow shall be 30 minutes and the secondary tow will be 15 minutes.
3. To obtain temperature and salinity data from the surface and seabed at each trawling station using a SEABIRD 19+ CTD.
4. To collect additional biological data in connection with the EU Data Collection Framework (DCF).


Scotia sailed from Aberdeen at 08:00hrs on 5 August in good sea conditions. Pre-sailing, it was agreed at the IBTSWG that Scotland would continue to participate in a tow duration experiment where the secondary country to survey a square would undertake a tow half the length of the standard duration (15 instead of 30 minutes). This affected a number of planned tows. The first haul northeast of Aberdeen in rectangle 44E8 doubled as a familiarisation haul and was completed successfully with the fishing gear and bottom contact sensors performing well. A further 4 stations were successfully completed during daylight including one for the German institute. During day two the stations in the outer Moray Firth were completed with the inner Moray Firth stations being completed on the third day as poor weather was forecast. Six stations were successfully completed despite the weather conditions including one foul haul Southeast of Orkney where the net was damaged. This was successfully repeated and Scotia then proceeded to Southeast Shetland to avoid further poor weather, however, only two stations could be completed before weather curtailed fishing operations. With improved conditions on 9 and 10 August, Scotia completed transects to the East of Shetland before steaming to the North. During the next 3 days Scotia completed all but one of the remaining stations above 57'30 N with the B rig groundgear before switching to the A rig for the remainder of the survey. One additional station was picked up to the West of Orkney. On 14 and 15 of August Scotia completed 9 hauls including the one remaining B rig station (44F2) prior to docking in Aberdeen for the half-landing and staff changeover.

Scotia left harbour at 10:00hrs on 12 August steaming south for the first additional station off Aberdeen. The survey then headed South and East over the next two days successfully completing 10 stations. Scotia then proceeded Northeast to complete the stations in the Norwegian and Danish sectors. No permission was granted for the Danish sector so two stations were dropped (41F4 and 41F5) but successfully completed by the English survey. Over the next three days, 18 stations to the South and West were completed before heading north. On 23 August, Scotia surveyed the statistical rectangles in and around the Firth of Forth before heading North to complete two tows on the final day prior to docking in Aberdeen at 14:00 on 24 August. Due to making good time and fortunate weather during the second half, 12 additional stations were completed including a further one for the German survey. Staff and equipment departed the vessel on the morning of 25 August.
Chief scientistMatt Kinghorn (Marine Scotland Aberdeen Marine Laboratory), Ruadhan Gillespie-Mules (Marine Scotland Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
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