Stella Nova 2016 09

Cruise plan

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)Stella Nova (45R9)
Cruise identifier2016 09
Cruise period2016-09-22 — 2016-09-27
Port of departureDunmore East, Ireland
Port of returnDunmore East, Ireland
ObjectivesCatch comparison trial of Scottish designed inclined and vertical separator panel section with twin codends at the Smalls Nephrops fishery. The aim of the trial is to achieve separation of round fish from Nephrops into upper and lower codends respectively. The trial is designed as a catch comparison experiment using standard quad-rigged Nephrops trawls to compare the retention properties of the test and standard gear.
Chief scientistDaragh Browne (Irish Sea Fisheries Board, Galway)
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GeneralCeltic Sea