RRS James Cook JC149 Leg1

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RRS James Cook (740H)
Cruise identifierJC149 Leg1
Cruise period2017-04-17 — 2017-05-03
Port of departureFreeport, Bahamas
Port of returnPointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe
ObjectivesThe VOILA (Volatile recycling in the Lesser Antilles arc: Processes and consequences) research programme consisted of two cruises onboard RRS James Cook. Cruise JC149 forms the second leg. The cruise had two main aims: (1) to shoot into and collect 34 broad-band ocean bottom seismometers (BBOBS) sourced from Germany (DEPAS - 24 instruments) and USA (Scripps Institute of Oceanography - 10 instruments) deployed in March 2016 and (2) to conduct an active source seismic experiemnt with Short-period OBS sourced from the UK (OBIC - 25 instruments) and Germany (DEPAS - 24 instruments). Underway geophysical data (PES, MBES, SBP and gravity) were also collected along most transit between stations. Towed magnetic data were also collected along longer transits. One dredge was completed. A detailed swath survey of Kick'em Jenny volcano as requested by host-nation collaborators was also conducted.
Chief scientistJennifer S Collier (Imperial College London Department of Earth Science and Engineering)
Cruise reportRRS James Cook JC149 Leg1 cruise report jc149.pdf (13.99 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralCaribbean Sea
SpecificLesser Antilles
Track chartsRRS James Cook JC149 Leg1 cruise track — jc149trk.pdf (0.18 MB) 
Physical oceanography 
Other physical oceanographic measurementsQuantity: number of stations = 8
Description: Sound velocity / temperature vs depth
Geology and geophysics 
DredgeQuantity: number of stations = 1
Description: Dredge (hard rock)
Geophysical measurements made at depthQuantity: number of recoveries = 25
Description: Broad-band Ocean-bottom seismometer recovery. Passive recordings.
Single-beam echosoundingQuantity: activity duration in days = 59
Description: Single-beam echosounding along all tracks
Multi-beam echosoundingQuantity: activity duration in days = 45
Description: Swath bathymetry along all tracks apart from in French waters
Multichannel seismic reflectionQuantity: number of track lines = 9
Description: Multichannel seismic reflection
Seismic refractionQuantity: number of deployments = 238
Description: Short period Ocean bottom seimometer deployments.
Seismic refractionQuantity: number of track lines = 3
Description: Seismic refraction into SP-OBS listed above
Gravity measurementsQuantity: activity duration in days = 59
Description: Gravity run continuously along all tracks
Magnetic measurementsQuantity: activity duration in days = 30
Description: Magnetometer towed along selected tracks