RV Keary KRY18_03 (KRY18_CHERISH)

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Keary (45KY)
Cruise identifierKRY18_03 (KRY18_CHERISH)
Cruise period2018-08-08 — 2018-08-23
Port of departureDun Laoghaire, Ireland
Port of returnKilmore Quay, Ireland
ObjectivesCHERISH (Climate, Heritage and Environments of Reefs, Islands and Headlands) is a 5 year (2017-2021) European-funded Ireland-Wales project between the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, the Discovery Programme: Centre for Archaeology and Innovation Ireland, Aberystwyth University: Department of Geography and Earth Sciences and Geological Survey Ireland. The project will receive €4.1 million through the Ireland-Wales 2014-2020 Interreg Programme.

CHERISH is a cross-disciplinary project. It aims to raise awareness and understanding of the past, present and near future impacts of climate change, storminess and extreme weather events on the rich cultural heritage of the Irish and Welsh regional seas and coast. It employs innovative techniques to study some of the most iconic coastal locations in Ireland and Wales.

The CHERISH project identified a number of sites around Anglesey for which the project required detailed bathymetric surveys. Two main type of sites were targeted; islands and shipwrecks. Islands that were identified for survey were Dulas and Puffin in the north east of Anglesey and Skerries on the north west. The objectives of targeting these islands were to both further understand their evolution and to join bathymetric data with existing LIDAR data for analyses. A number of shipwrecks were also targeted. These shipwrecks were located in proximity to the islands and also at the south west entrance of the Menai Strait.

Multibeam surveying was to be carried out in depths <50m using the Geological Survey research vessel Keary which is equipped with a Kongsberg EM 2040 D multibeam echosounder between the 8th and 23rd of August 2018. Sub-bottom profiling using an Edgetech CHIRP 3200 was conducted along all survey lines.
Chief scientistSean Cullen (Geological Survey of Ireland)
ProjectClimate, Heritage and Environments of Reefs, Islands and Headlands (CHERISH)
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Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralIrish Sea and St. George's Channel
SpecificBetween 400m and 2km off Northeast coast of Anglesey