FFS Solea 757 (GASEEZ)

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Ship name (ship code)FFS Solea (06SL)
Cruise identifier757 (GASEEZ)
Cruise period2018-11-30 — 2018-12-18
Port of departureCuxhaven, Germany
Port of returnCuxhaven, Germany

1. Monitoring of the demersal fish fauna in the German EEZ
2. Distribution of temperature and salinity in the area of investigation


With southwestern wind of strength 6-7 FRV Solea left the port of Cuxhaven in the afternoon of 30th November with direction Borkum. In the following two days the stations could be fished in the south of the German EEZ before a storm forced one and a half days stay in Helgoland. After returning to the investigation area the stations north of Helgoland could be processed. Then Helgoland had to be called again for four days as a safe harbour. When the storm had abated, it was possible to work on the remaining stations with changing winds. The survey ended on the morning of 18 December in Cuxhaven. The return journey to Bremerhaven took place on the same day.
Chief scientistKay Panten (Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries, Bremerhaven)
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