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Cruise inventory

RV Cirolana CIR1/78

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Cirolana (74CZ)
Cruise identifierCIR1/78
Cruise period1978-01-04 — 1978-01-20
Port of departureGrimsby, United Kingdom
Port of returnGrimsby, United Kingdom
Objectives1. Radionuclide studies in the Irish Sea. Samples to be taken of the sea bed (including interstitial water), particulate suspended material and water. Special emphasis to be placed on samples from near the sea bed/water interface. Particulate size distribution, suspended loads and radionuclides will be measured as appropriate. At selected positions, near the Windscale outflow velocity measurements to be made at three levels using recording current meters. Sea-bed drifters to be released at selected localities.
2. To measure the distribution of dissolved and particulate trace metals in the water over the Liverpool Bay sludge dumping ground and off the Marchon chemical works sea discharge pipeline. Surface sea bed samples to be collected at the latter locality.
A trace metal survey to be made of other regions of the Irish Sea as time permits.
3. To recover and relay the Humber and JONSIS current meter rigs.
4. To collect water samples for the measurement of radioactive caesium on
passage to and returning from the Irish Sea.
Chief scientistPeter G W Jones (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Lowestoft Fisheries Laboratory)
Cruise reportRV Cirolana CIR1/78 cruise report ci01_78.pdf — access key 'C' (0.28 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralEnglish Channel
North Sea
Irish Sea and St. George's Channel
Track chartsRV Cirolana CIR1/78 cruise track — trk2150.html
Physical oceanography 
Surface measurements underway (T,S)Description: T only
Water bottle stationsQuantity: number of stations = 26
Description: 119 S surface 59 S bottom
Current metersQuantity: number of deployments = 4
Surface drifters/drifting buoysQuantity: number of deployments = 1000
Description: bottom
Sea level (inc. bot. press., inverted echosounder)Description: 12,5h
Chemical oceanography 
PhosphateQuantity: number of samples = 18
NitrateQuantity: number of samples = 18
Trace elementsQuantity: number of samples = 101
RadioactivityQuantity: number of samples = 59
Trace metalsQuantity: number of samples = 101
Geology and geophysics 
DredgeQuantity: number of deployments = 18
GrabQuantity: number of samples = 20
Core - soft bottomQuantity: number of cores = 16
Description: physical/chemical analysis
In-situ seafloor measurement/samplingDescription: radioactivity msmnts.