RRS Challenger CH2/82

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RRS Challenger (74CH)
Cruise identifierCH2/82
Cruise period1982-01-26 — 1982-02-09
Port of departureArdrossan, United Kingdom
Port of returnArdrossan, United Kingdom
ObjectivesThe objectives of this cruise were:
(1) To service current meter moorings at stations R (57N, 9W), M (57° 18 min N, 10° 23 min W), F (57.5N, 12.25W), A1 (52.5N, 14° 46 min W) and A2 (52.5 N, 14° 56 min W), to lay a mooring at Y (Tiree Passage: 56° 37 min N, 6° 24 min W) and deploy the corrosion potential current meter off South Uist). Moorings R and F recovered and re-laid: Tiree Passage mooring deployed.
(2) To service MAFF current meter moorings at A3 (52.5N, 15° 16 min W) and A4 (52.5 N, 15° 26 min W) and IOS Bidston pressure gauge at 56° 41 min N, 11° 32 min W). Check Bidston pressure gauge at 57° 10 min N, 10° 6 min W. No time to service A3/A4 due to poor weather. Pressure gauge destroyed in an accident during recovery. Other gauge confirmed in position.
(3) To work the Rockall via Anton Dohrn Seamount CTD section and other sections across the southern Rockall Channel. Not done due to winch problems and poor weather.
(4) To collect large-volume surface and sub-surface water samples for radiocaesium analysis with CTD profiles on stations. Surface samples at all 10 stations plus Tiree Passage site with sub-surface samples on 6. CTD profiles were possible on 4.
(5) To make Agassiz trawl and benthic sledge hauls to the east of the Anton Dohrn Seamount and at the SMBA permanent benthos station (54.5N). One sledge haul on the seamount possible producing a good catch.
(6) To work CTD sections in the Sea of the Hebrides. Not possible due to poor weather.
(7) To collect underway surface temperature and salinity samples along track. Accomplished.
Chief scientistDavid J Ellett (Scottish Marine Biological Association)
ProjectEllett Line
Cruise reportRRS Challenger CH2/82 cruise report ch2_82.pdf (0.20 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth East Atlantic Ocean (limit 40W)
SpecificNorth Atlantic
Track chartsRRS Challenger CH2/82 cruise track — trk2746.html
Physical oceanography 
Water bottle stationsQuantity: number of stations = 5
CTD stationsQuantity: number of stations = 4
Subsurface temperature and salinity measurementsDescription: Surface temperature and salinity samples taken at frequent intervals throughout the cruise.
Current metersQuantity: number of stations = 3
Description: 1 new mooring and 2 relaid;5 c.m.:113d;1 c.m.:12days
Chemical oceanography 
RadioactivityQuantity: number of stations = 10
Description: water samples for radio-caesium determination.
Biology and fisheries 
ZoobenthosDescription: survey:taxonomy,population
Other biological/fisheries measurement
Data held at BODC 
4  CTD/STD cast
Vertical spatial coordinates
Salinity of the water column
Temperature of the water column
Vertical spatial coordinates
Salinity of the water column
Temperature of the water column

BODC idDate/TimeLocationDoc.
3127471982-01-27 15:06 56° 40' 54" N  6° 16' 59" W  View metadata report for BODC series reference number 312747
3127591982-01-27 16:31 56° 44' 5" N  6° 28' 23" W  View metadata report for BODC series reference number 312759
3127601982-01-27 18:44 56° 44' 5" N  6° 44' 53" W  View metadata report for BODC series reference number 312760
3127721982-01-27 20:24 56° 43' 58" N  7° 0' 0" W  View metadata report for BODC series reference number 312772