RRS Discovery D136

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RRS Discovery (74E3)
Cruise identifierD136
Cruise period1983-04-29 — 1983-05-15
Port of departurePatrai, Greece
Port of returnPatrai, Greece
ObjectivesThis cruise was intended to furnish data and samples to contribute towards a detailed investigation if Pliocene and Quaternary slope and deep-sea sedimentation patterns associated with the central part of the Hellenic Trench system, in eastern Mediterranean. Such data is required to evaluate the influence of climatic and structural controls on the dominant sedimentary processes and to elucidate recent sedimentary evolution of this tectonically active region. It was intended to carry out a programme of high-resolution seismic reflection profiling with air-gun and high frequency (3.5 kHz) pinger sources, in order to determine the geometry and structure of sediments to depths of a few hundreds of metres below the sea-floor. Ship-board analysis of this profiling survey could then be used to select appropriate sites for piston-and gravity-coring, dredging and sea-floor photography.
Chief scientistGilbert Kelling (University of Keele Department of Geology)
Cruise reportRRS Discovery D136 cruise report d136.pdf (0.32 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralIonian Sea (Mediterranean Sea)
Aegean Sea (The Archipelago) (Mediterranean Sea)
Mediterranean Sea - Eastern basin
SpecificW. & S. of Greece & Crete (Med.)
Track chartsRRS Discovery D136 cruise track — trk2921a.html RRS Discovery D136 cruise track — trk2921b.html
Geology and geophysics 
DredgeQuantity: number of deployments = 1
Core - soft bottomQuantity: number of cores = 24
Description: 20 stations
Bottom photographyQuantity: number of deployments = 4
Single-beam echosoundingQuantity: track kilometres = 3908
Long/short range side scan sonarQuantity: track kilometres = 3111
Single channel seismic reflectionQuantity: track kilometres = 2102
Gravity measurementsQuantity: track kilometres = 3274
Magnetic measurementsQuantity: track kilometres = 1439
Other geological/geophysical measurementsQuantity: track kilometres = 3343
Description: 3.5kHz profiling