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RRS Discovery D168

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Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RRS Discovery (74E3)
Cruise identifierD168
Cruise period1987-06-23 — 1987-08-07
Port of departureBarry, United Kingdom
Port of returnFalmouth, United Kingdom
Objectives1. To investigate the distribution of demersal fishes and their larvae on the West African slope.
2. To study the distribution of echinoderms, particuarly holothurians, at selected sites on the West African slope.
3. To study the effects of lights on the capture efficiency of midwater nets.
4. To investigate the physiology of oceanic animals, with particular reference to vision and bioluminescence.
5. To investigate microbial interactions in near surface waters.
6. To carry out horizontal and vertical profiles of bioluminescence and microzooplankton distributions.
7. To make initial trials of the RMT 25 system.
Chief scientistPeter J Herring (Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Wormley Laboratory)
Cruise reportRRS Discovery D168 cruise report d168.pdf — access key 'C' (1.20 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth East Atlantic Ocean (limit 40W)
SpecificN.W. African slope/ Eastern N. Atlantic
Track chartsRRS Discovery D168 cruise track — trk3303.html
Physical oceanography 
CTD stationsQuantity: number of stations = 14
Biology and fisheries 
Phytoplankton pigs (eg chlorophyll, fluorescence)
Pelagic bacteria/micro-organisms
ZoobenthosDescription: survey:distribution,energy transfers,physiology
Gear research
Other biological/fisheries measurementDescription: bioluminescence