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RRS Charles Darwin CD32

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Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RRS Charles Darwin (74AB)
Cruise identifierCD32
Cruise period1988-04-03 — 1988-05-02
Port of departureLae, Papua New Guinea
Port of returnSuva, Fiji
ObjectivesTo study the heat and momentum budgets of the mixed layer. Two leg cruise: 19-MAR-88 to 01-APR-88, 02-APR-98 to 02-MAY-88
Chief scientistKelvin Richards (University of Southampton Department of Oceanography)
Cruise reportRRS Charles Darwin CD32 cruise report cd32.pdf — access key 'C' (0.79 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth West Pacific Ocean (limit 180W)
South West Pacific Ocean (limit 140W)
SpecificWestern Equatorial Pacific - between Solomon and Gilbert Islands
Track chartsRRS Charles Darwin CD32 cruise track — trk3343.html RRS Charles Darwin CD32 cruise track — trk3343a.html
Physical oceanography 
Surface measurements underway (T,S)
CTD stationsQuantity: number of stations = 15
Subsurface temperature and salinity measurementsQuantity: track kilometres = 3500
Description: Sea Soar
Transparency (eg transmissometer)Quantity: number of stations = 15
Current metersQuantity: number of stations = 1
Description: 3 Vaecms,2 Vacms, 10days
Currents measured from ship driftDescription: Spar buoy w. 2 thermistor chains + Bertha
Other physical oceanographic measurementsDescription: ADCP ap. 2000km
Chemical oceanography 
OxygenQuantity: number of stations = 15
Incident radiation
Routine standard measurements
Other meteorological measurementsDescription: cont. Met. package- IOSDL