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RV Corystes COR13/92

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Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Corystes (74RY)
Cruise identifierCOR13/92
Cruise period1992-11-10 — 1992-12-02
Port of departureLowestoft, United Kingdom
Port of returnLowestoft, United Kingdom
Objectives1. To investigate the seasonal changes in the distribution and abundance of flatfish in the western English Channel by repeating, and extending, the groundfish survey carried out by a chartered beam trawler each October.
2. To determine the distribution and abundance of flatfish in the outer Bristol Channel and Celtic Sea using a 4m beam trawl. No beam trawling in the outer Bristol Channel and Celtic Sea took place.
3. To make observations on the substrate and benthos using the ROXANN system, grabs and underwater camera at all trawl stations.
4. To tag cod in the Bristol Channel and pre-recruit soles in Cardigan Bay. Cod and sole tagging did not take place.
Chief scientistDavid J Symonds (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Lowestoft Fisheries Laboratory)
Cruise reportRV Corystes COR13/92 cruise report co13_92.pdf — access key 'C' (0.10 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralEnglish Channel
SpecificSW Approaches, Western English Channel.
Track chartsRV Corystes COR13/92 cruise track — trk3817.html
Physical oceanography 
Water bottle stationsQuantity: number of stations = 18
Description: surface S
Biology and fisheries 
Demersal fishQuantity: number of stations = 60
Description: Forty three of the planned forty four beam trawl stations of the charter vessel survey were completed. In addition, 17 valid 30 minute beam trawl hauls were carried out in and to the west of the English Channel.
Geology and geophysics 
GrabQuantity: number of samples = 5
Other geological/geophysical measurementsQuantity: number of measurements = 18
Description: seabed type scanning