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RV Corystes COR4/97

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Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Corystes (74RY)
Cruise identifierCOR4/97
Cruise period1997-04-02 — 1997-04-08
Port of departureLowestoft, United Kingdom
Port of returnLowestoft, United Kingdom
Objectives1. To recover the Minipod and Guard Buoy from Harwich.
2. To deploy Tetrapod and Quadrapod near North Ridge of Race Bank to measure near bed currents and suspended load concentrations (AE0711A0).
3. To deploy Minipods at North Docking Shoal Buoy, "Nut and Spanner", Burnham Flats buoy, Burnham Flats and Wainfleet Roads to monitor suspended sediment (AE0711A0).
4. To undertake sidescan lines and TV dips near Minipod/Tetrapod positions (AE0711A0).
5. To undertake an ADCP survey of Area 107 (North Docking Shoal), Race Bank and into the Wash to create an empirical model of the outer Wash (AE0711A0).
6. To deploy and recover a series of Argos Buoys in the plume of the dredgers to help understand plume dynamics and to validate the empirical model (AE0711A0). To take water samples in the plume of the dredger to help calibrate Minipod sensors. (AE0711A0).
Chief scientistJonathon Mark Rees (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science Lowestoft Laboratory)
Cruise reportRV Corystes COR4/97 cruise report co4_97.pdf — access key 'C' (0.10 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth Sea
SpecificHarwich and Wash
Physical oceanography 
Current profiler (eg ADCP)Quantity: number of surveys = 8
Description: ADCP surveys