Crystal River 1501H

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship nameCrystal River
Cruise identifier1501H
Cruise period2001-05-11 — 2001-05-25
Port of departurePeterhead, United Kingdom
Port of returnPeterhead, United Kingdom
ObjectivesTo demonstrate the effect of proposed Scottish emergency technical conservation measures upon the landed and discarded catch from a commercial pair seine team. This required the systematic comparison of the catches obtained by both of the following codend/extension assemblies in combination with the vessels' own demersal pair seine gear:

Case A - Condend/extension assembly as defined by current legislation:
- Codend: 100mm diamond mesh, 5mm double 'compact' twine, 100 open meshes round, 100 meshes long.
- Square mesh panel: 90mm square mesh ultracross panel, 3m long, postioned between 9m and 12m from the codline.
- Extension: 500 meshes long, consisting of 100mm diamond mesh (100 open meshes round) in the following configuration (from the forward end): 200 meshes 4mm compact single twine and 300 meshes 5mm compact single twine.
- Lifting bag/cover: 265mm mesh lifting cover made of 6mm double compact twine.

Case B - Codend/extension assembly as defined by proposed emergency legislation.

- Codend: as case A
- Square-mesh panel: as case A but positioned between 6m and 9m from the codline.
- Extension: 200 meshes long, consitsting of 100mm diamond mesh, 100 open meshes round, with 5mm compact single twine.
- Lifting bag/cover: non fitted.
Chief scientistMichael Breen (Fisheries Research Services Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
Cruise reportCrystal River 1501H cruise report jasperandcrystal_river_1501h.pdf (0.22 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth Sea
Biology and fisheries 
Pelagic fishQuantity: number of hauls = 40
Description: haddock and whiting
Demersal fishQuantity: number of hauls = 40
Description: cod
Gear researchQuantity: number of hauls = 40