FRV Scotia 1701S

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)FRV Scotia (748S)
Cruise identifier1701S
Cruise period2001-11-19 — 2001-12-01
Port of departureAberdeen, United Kingdom
Port of returnAberdeen, United Kingdom
Objectives1. To assess the performance of the newly designed small mesh cod-end cover with respect to its effect, if any, on the geometry and water flow in the cod-end of the trawl.
2. To obtain quantitative information on fish populations in the mouth of the trawl using the Reson Seabat mounted on the RCTV along with simultaneous video footage using the SIT and CCD cameras, where possible, to give information on species identification.
3. To mount low light CCD cameras on the trawl extension in order to make quantitative counts of fish passing into the cod-end which can be correlated with cod-end and cover catches.
4. Time permitting, to indirectly assess whole gear selectivity by changing either ground gear or altering sweep lengths and monitoring consequent changes in catch composition.
Chief scientistDavid G Reid (Fisheries Research Services Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
Cruise reportFRV Scotia 1701S cruise report 1701s.pdf (0.08 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth Sea
SpecificNorth Sea, Moray Firth, East Orkney
Physical oceanography 
Optics (eg underwater light levels)Quantity: number of profiles = 17
Description: Log lux. Profiles of light intensity through the water column using photomultiplier
Biology and fisheries 
ZoobenthosQuantity: number of hauls = 25
Description: GOV hauls (30 min) where catch was worked up as per IBTS protocols
Demersal fishQuantity: number of hauls = 25
Description: GOV hauls (30 min) where catch was worked up as per IBTS protocols
Acoustic reflection on marine organisms.Quantity: number of hauls = 21
Description: GOV hauls where acoustic data collected using a multibeam sonar on fish populations in the mouth of the net
Gear researchQuantity: number of deployments = 2
Description: Instrument tows collecting data on water flow and warp tensions at different towing speeds.
Other biological/fisheries measurementQuantity: number of stations = 8
Description: Video footage of fish passing into the mouth and along the extension of the GOV