FRV Clupea 0402C

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)FRV Clupea (74CU)
Cruise identifier0402C
Cruise period2002-03-05 — 2002-03-18
Port of departureFraserburgh, United Kingdom
Port of returnFraserburgh, United Kingdom
Objectives1. To tag cod for investigations of their movements.
2. To collect samples of cod for analysis of reproductive development, genetics and otolith chemistry.
3. To map concentrations of spawning cod in inshore areas from Shetland, Orkney and the Moray Firth.
Chief scientistPeter J Wright (Fisheries Research Services Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
Cruise reportFRV Clupea 0402C cruise report 0402c.pdf (1.35 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth Sea
North East Atlantic Ocean (limit 40W)
SpecificShetland, Orkney and the Moray Firth
Track chartsFRV Clupea 0402C cruise track — 0402ctrack.pdf (0.22 MB) 
Biology and fisheries 
TaggingsQuantity: number of deployments = 123
Description: DST tags released
Exploratory fishingQuantity: number of hauls = 19
Description: trawl hauls for cod
Geology and geophysics 
Single-beam echosoundingDescription: EK 500 data collected at all times