RV Cirolana CIR5/02

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Cirolana (74CZ)
Cruise identifierCIR5/02
Cruise period2002-08-08 — 2002-09-07
Port of departureLowestoft, United Kingdom
Port of returnLowestoft, United Kingdom
ObjectivesThis cruise is in two parts. Part A: 08-23 August; Part B: 24 August to 07 September.
1. To carry out a groundfish survey of the North Sea as part of the ICES co-ordinated IBTS, using a standard GOV trawl in order to obtain information on:
a) distribution, size composition and abundance of all fish species caught;
b) age - length distribution of selected species;
c) distribution of fish in relation to their environment;
d) distribution of macrobenthos and anthropogenic debris;
e) surface and bottom temperature and salinity data using CTD;
f) length, weight and maturity information using individual fish measurements, in support of the EU Data Regulation.
2. To collect acoustic data at two operating frequencies (38 kHz and 120 kHz) continuously throughout the cruise. Data recorded from the 38 kHz transducer will be combined with GOV trawl data and an estimate of total abundance made for groundfish species. This work will form part of a three year project (CATEFA) aimed at examining the relationships between trawl catches and acoustic data.
3. To calibrate the 38 kHz transducer.
4. To collect material for fish identification courses (T. Watson, CEFAS, Lowestoft).
5. To preserve material from diseased fish (S. Feist, CEFAS, Weymouth).
6. To collect fish white muscle and queen scallop tissue for stable isotope analysis, as part of an ongoing study on the effects of fishing in the North Sea (S. Jennings, FEFAS, Lowestoft).
J7. To obtain ageing material and biological information from horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) from the southern North Sea (G. Eltink, RIVO, for the horse mackerel assessment working group).
Chief scientistTrevor W Boon (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science Lowestoft Laboratory)
ProjectInternational Bottom Trawl Surveys - North Sea
Coordinating bodyICES
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Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth Sea
Track chartsRV Cirolana CIR5/02 cruise track — ciro5_02trk.pdf (0.08 MB) 
Physical oceanography 
CTD stationsQuantity: number of stations = 67
Description: Micro CTD profiles
Chemical oceanography 
RadioactivityQuantity: number of stations = 38
Description: Water samples (surface) analysed for caesium 137
Biology and fisheries 
Pelagic fishQuantity: number of stations = 75
Description: GOV trawl catches of all fish species
Demersal fishQuantity: number of stations = 75
Description: GOV trawl catches of all fish species