RV Calanus OAERREApr2001 (Clyde0401)

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Calanus (745R)
Cruise identifierOAERREApr2001 (Clyde0401)
Cruise period2001-04-10 — 2001-04-19
Port of departureTarbert, United Kingdom
Port of returnTarbert, United Kingdom
ObjectivesOceanographic Applications to Eutrophication in Regions of Restricted Exchange (OAERRE). Water samples were collected from selected depths at 3 stations in the Clyde Sea for assessement of the main pelagic biological and chemical activity.
Chief scientistEric Fouilland (Scottish Association for Marine Science)
Coordinating bodySchool of Life Sciences, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralInner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland
SpecificClyde Sea
Physical oceanography 
CTD stationsQuantity: number of stations = 3
Description: Rosette
Chemical oceanography 
OxygenQuantity: 3
Description: frozen
PhosphateQuantity: 3
Description: frozen
NitrateQuantity: 3
Description: frozen
AmmoniaQuantity: 3
Description: frozen
SilicateQuantity: 3
Description: frozen
Biology and fisheries 
Primary productivityQuantity: 3
Description: PversusE curves (photosynthetron)
Phytoplankton pigs (eg chlorophyll, fluorescence)Quantity: 3
Description: HPLC
Particulate organic matter (inc POC, PON)Quantity: 3
PhytoplanktonQuantity: 3
Pelagic bacteria/micro-organismsQuantity: 3
Other biological/fisheries measurementQuantity: 3
Description: Dark respiration rate