RV Cefas Endeavour 10A/06

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Ship name (ship code)RV Cefas Endeavour (74E9)
Cruise identifier10A/06
Cruise period2006-04-20 — 2006-04-25
Port of departureLowestoft, United Kingdom
Port of returnLowestoft, United Kingdom

1. To carry out a benthic and trawl survey of gravel biotopes and sand bank habitats in the southern North Sea, in support of project AE1148, to:
a. Examine the distribution, size composition, abundance and diversity of fish, epibenthos, infauna and meiofauna on specific biotopes;
b. Evaluate catch variability and the degree of replicate sampling required to determine accurately indices that may be applied to benthic communities;
c. Collect sedimentary and biological samples for further studies supporting the development of ecological objectives for benthic communities

2. To collect biological samples of macro-crustaceans for the analysis of heavy metals (L. Newton, University of West of England)


CEFAS ENDEAVOUR sailed from Lowestoft at 15:00 on 20 April and, in calm seas, steamed southwards to the first study area, a gravel habitat east of Felixstowe (close to Area 222), arriving on site shortly after 18:00 hours. Sampling commenced that evening with Agassiz trawl (five replicate hauls) and camera sledge in the first sampling box. Sampling started at 05:30 the following day, and sampling with 2m-beam trawl (five replicate hauls) and Hamon grab were completed at the first reference box. Subsequently, 4m-beam trawl sampling (five replicate hauls) was completed between the two reference sites, and Agassiz trawling (five replicate hauls) completed at the second reference box. Sampling in the second reference box was completed on 22 April, with samples collected with 2m-beam trawl (five replicate hauls) and Hamon grab. Following this, further 2m-beam trawl samples were collected at intermediate positions. That afternoon, CEFAS ENDEAVOUR steamed northwards towards the Broken and Swarte Banks, to undertake sampling of sandbank habitats.

Sampling commenced at 05:30 on 23 April, with replicate samples collected at the central station on the Broken Bank with 2m-beam trawl, day grab and NIOZ corer. Further samples were taken with day grab and 2m-beam trawl on the top of the bank and either side of the bank, with the camera sledge deployed at slack water that evening. Grab and trawl sampling continued that night, with sampling at this site completed at 00:30 that night. Sampling on the Swarte Bank commenced the following day at 05:30, with all stations on the top of the sand bank and north-eastern side of the bank sampled successfully. The camera sledge was also deployed that evening, at slack water. The remaining stations on the south-western side of the bank were sampled with grab and 2m-beam trawl the following morning, though the 2m-beam trawl net was badly damaged at one site, and was subsequently repeated. Two hauls were made with 4m-beam trawl between the two banks during the late morning, and CEFAS ENDEAVOUR then steamed to Lowestoft, arriving outside the harbour at 18:30, where an exchange of staff was made by sea rider. CEFAS ENDEAVOUR then steamed northwards for survey 10B/06.
Chief scientistJames Robert Ellis (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science Lowestoft Laboratory)
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GeneralNorth Sea
SpecificSouthern North Sea