RV Aora 0407H

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Aora (74WJ)
Cruise identifier0407H
Cruise period2007-05-14 — 2007-06-01
Port of departureFairlie, United Kingdom
Port of returnOban, United Kingdom

1.To carry out a survey of scallop stocks on the West of Scotland.

2.To collect information on by catches of commercial fish and shellfish species.

3.To collect biological data on scallop growth rates.

4.The survey will include hauls in the Broad Bay (Lewis) closed area.


The scientific staff joined MV Aora at 1200 hours on 14 May and sailed to Campbelltown after loading. Sampling began the following day at Sanda with the survey following a sequence of dredge hauls. This covered the West of Kintyre and North West management area grounds over the following 6 days. The half landing took place on 22 May when T Howell replaced S Davis as SIC. The survey recommenced on the 23 May when Aora crossed the Minch and completed 6 hauls within Broad Bay. The survey of the North West management area continued over the following 6 days. Unloading took place in Oban on 30 May where the scientific staff left the vessel. Then Aora made passage for Millport.
Chief scientistSharon Davis (Fisheries Research Services Aberdeen Marine Laboratory), Trevor R W Howell (Fisheries Research Services Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
Coordinating bodyFRS
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Cruise reportRV Aora 0407H cruise report 0407h.pdf (0.10 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralInner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland
SpecificFirth of Lorn, Kintyre, The Minch
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Biology and fisheries 
MolluscsQuantity: number of hauls = 97
Description: Dredge hauls for scallops