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FRV Scotia 0208S

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Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)FRV Scotia (748S)
Cruise identifier0208S
Cruise period2008-02-01 — 2008-02-23
Port of departureAberdeen, United Kingdom
Port of returnAberdeen, United Kingdom

To participate in the International Bottom Trawling Survey of the North Sea.
To obtain temperature and salinity profiles from each trawling station location.
To carry out two tows in each statistical rectangle to sample for herring larvae with a Methot Net.


Scotia sailed from Aberdeen at 1000 on 1 February and commenced trawling on the station east of Aberdeen with the GOV trawl fitted with groundgear "B". A further trawl was carried at the station east of Montrose during the hours of daylight. Methot net sampling for herring larvae was then carried out during the hours of darkness, covering 6 hauls in 3 statistical rectangles off the east coast of Scotland. The following day, 3 hauls, using groundgear "A" were carried out in the area east of the Forth and Tay estuaries. With poor weather during the evening restricting Methot Net sampling to 2 hauls, Scotia proceeded northwards through the night in order to carry out trawling in the more sheltered waters of the Moray Firth. A slight improvement in weather conditions on the morning of 4 February allowed effort to be directed at stations off the north east coast of Scotland. The vessel then worked eastwards in moderate weather conditions and moved in to Norwegian waters on the afternoon of 5 February to cover the stations in the southeastern part of the allocated survey area. Over the next three days, these stations were completed and Scotia returned to UK waters on the afternoon of 8 February. In good weather conditions, Scotia completed stations in the Turbot Bank, Montrose Bank and Fladen area before heading to the west of Shetland on 13 February. Taking advantage of the good weather, seven stations were completed on the exposed northwestern part of the survey area before calling into Lerwick for the mid-cruise break on the morning of 15 February.

Scotia sailed on the morning of 16 February and resumed work in the area southeast of Shetland. Two further days were spent completing stations east of Orkney before Scotia moved to the west of Orkney through the night of 18 February. With only 2 of the allocated stations remaining, the opportunity was taken to carry out 2 trawl tows in each rectangle to provide support for the international coverage required. A further 3 stations, west of Shetland were completed on 20 February providing additional trawl tows and MIK tows for the international coverage. With poor weather forecast, Scotia proceeded south in order to pick up additional MIK tows in an area off the east coast of Scotland. Only four MIK tows were completed before severe weather conditions resulted in cancellation of any further work with the vessel then heading for Aberdeen.

Scotia returned to port on the afternoon of 22 February with unloading of the heavy trawl gear, scientific gear and samples being unloaded on the morning of 23 February.
Chief scientistKenneth A Coull (Fisheries Research Services Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
ProjectInternational Bottom Trawling Survey
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Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth Sea
SpecificNorthern North Sea
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