Norlantean 0909H

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Ship nameNorlantean
Cruise identifier0909H
Cruise period2009-04-29 — 2009-05-09
Port of departureUllapool, United Kingdom
Port of returnUllapool, United Kingdom

1. To undertake a nationally co-ordinated demersal trawling survey of anglerfish on the western continental shelf/slope using the BT195 monktrawl.

2. To obtain a temperature profile at each trawling station.

3. To obtain biological data for both megrim (L. whiffiagonis) and four spot megrim (L. boscii). In addition, all cod were measured and Norway lobster (N. norvegicus) numbers and weights were recorded on selected hauls.


Norlantean starting mobilising for the charter during the mid afternoon of 28 April. This commenced with the spooling on of the extra trawl wire onto the drums. This was needed for the deepwater stations. An extra four hundred fathoms was added to each drum, bringing the total wire up to eleven hundred fathoms on each side. The survey net (BT195) and associated gear arrived later that afternoon and the vessel was fully rigged by mid evening in readiness for the following day. Scientific equipment was similarly loaded onboard and systems were once again set up by early evening. Norlantean departed Ullapool at 1100 on 29 April and proceeded across the Minch accompanied by light easterly winds to the first station 15nm W of the Butt of Lewis. Norlantean arrived at around 1800 and proceeded to shoot the gear at a depth of around 90m. The tow was successful and although no anglerfish were found, the net, all scanmar sensors and the bottom contact sensor performed well throughout the tow. Norlantean continued with the survey plan, completing the shallow stations west of the Hebrides, all the time heading south. The wind freshened during 1 and 2 May peaking at around force 7 for a time before moderating later on during 2 May. This slowed progress but we were able to maintain a reasonable pace and by midday on 2 May, Norlantean reached the southeastern boundary of the survey area at 56'N having already completed 12 stations. With the wind easing, Norlantean headed west along the southern boundary towards the shelf edge and deeper water. The vessel continued to perform well as the survey progressed north up along the shelf edge and shelf slope with moderate to strong westerly winds again present though not impeding progress significantly. A storm which arrived late on during 6 May curtailed fishing operations for approximately 18 hours where storm force 10 was recorded for a time, however by mid afternoon on 8 May conditions had improved sufficiently to allow fishing to continue and that evening stations 34 and 35, 50nm NW of the Butt of Lewis were completed successfully. During this time the MFV Caspian in the Northern area had intimated that she was unlikely to complete the two stations(N8 & N9) in the deep stratum SW of the Wyville Thomson Ridge due in part to the weather and the limited time remaining. Given our present position and relative proximity to these stations the decision was taken to steam north overnight to complete these two stations while in return Caspian would complete Norlanteans last three stations NW of the Butt of Lewis (W36 - W38). Norlantean arrived ready to shoot at station N8 at breakfast time on 8 May with only light easterly winds. Both stations were completed successfully without incident and at 1400 on 8 May, Norlantean finally headed for Ullapool having hauled up a good lift of blue ling and black scabbards. Norlantean steamed into Loch Broom in the early hours of Saturday 9 May and was alongside by 0900. All the fishing gear, extra wire and the scientific equipment were unloaded off the vessel by late morning on 9 May with the fishing gear being collected by Jacksons at midday.
Chief scientistFinlay Burns (Marine Scotland Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
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Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralInner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland
SpecificOff the West coast of Scotland
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