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Resilient 1509H

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Ship nameResilient
Cruise identifier1509H
Cruise period2009-06-25 — 2009-07-16
Port of departureLerwick, United Kingdom
Port of returnLerwick, United Kingdom

1.To assess the performance of a modified whitefish trawl, incorporating 300mm diamond mesh netting in the front portion of the trawl, in reducing cod by-catches but retaining other marketable ground fish species.

2.As Objective 1 except the modified trawl to incorporate 600mm diamond mesh netting in the front portion of the trawl.


Staff and equipment will depart on 24 June and travel overnight by ferry from Aberdeen to Lerwick. Staff will join Resilient on 25 June and thereafter commence rigging the 300mm test trawl (Objective 1) and scientific equipment onto the vessel along side Lerwick harbour. During rigging a flip up rope arrangement and tickler chain will also be attached to the test trawl. The vessel's own trawl will be the left unmodified and act as a standard trawl to allow a comparison to be made against the test trawl.

Throughout the trials, the twin trawl method will be used to assess the performance of the test trawl compared to the standard trawl. Catch comparison data will be collected using 120mm diamond mesh codends attached to both trawls. The intention is to collected catch data for all the main commercial species targeted in the Shetland mixed demersal fishery e.g. cod, haddock, whiting, anglerfish, megrim, lemons sole etc. During the trials, CCD cameras will be suitably positioned to allow observations to be made on the rigging of the test trawls.

After the initial rigging has been completed, the intention is for the vessel to sail to commercial grounds close to Lerwick and shoot the fishing gear to check on the performance of the 300mm test trawl. On completion of these checks the vessel will return to Lerwick on the evening 25 June to drop off S. Baxter. The vessel will then sail to commercial fishing ground either north or west of the Shetland's and commence catch comparisons hauls. The intention is to target two different fishing grounds during the first 2 weeks of the trials with a landing into Lerwick or Scalloway on 2 July to land any marketable fish and to drop off P. MacDonald. A further port call will be made into Lerwick on 9 July to exchange the 300mm and 600mm test trawls and also to pickup F. Burns. The vessel will then sail to one of the fishing grounds previously targeted with the 300mm test trawl and continue catch comparison hauls with the 600mm test trawl (Objective 2). Ship's accommodation will be used throughout the charter trials. The cruise will end in Lerwick on 16 July with F. Burns returning to Aberdeen. Messer's Kynoch and Penny will return to Aberdeen overnight by ferry arriving on 17 July.
Cruise programmeResilient 1509H cruise programme 1509h.pdf — access key 'C' (0.02 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
SpecificFishing areas around Lerwick