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Genesis 0809H

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Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)Genesis (74GI)
Cruise identifier0809H
Cruise period2009-04-29 — 2009-05-09
Port of departurePeterhead, United Kingdom
Port of returnPeterhead, United Kingdom

1. To undertake a nationally co-ordinated demersal trawling survey of anglerfish species on the continental shelf and slope to the west of Scotland.

2. To obtain temperature and depth profiles at each trawling station.

3. To record and map distributions of megrim, four spot megrim and cod.


Genesis departed from Peterhead at 1700Hrs on Wednesday 29 April. Genesis commenced fishing that evening at approximately 2200hrs GMT. Work proceeded normally until the afternoon of 30 April (haul E0904) when the bottom contact unit appeared to have leaked; the unit was dismantled and dried thoroughly. A thicker o ring seal was placed in the communications terminal and after 24 hours the unit appeared to be working again and although some of the data appeared inconsistent immediately after the repair, the quality of the data appeared to get better (Haul E0908). The following day the temperature recording device failed and staff were unable to rectify the problem with no further data being collected. Genesis made good progress over the following days, working in deeper water and conducting 8 stations in good weather with the only notable being a haul of reduced duration on 4 May due to coming fast, the haul was worked up as valid.

The weather began to increase as the Genesis worked south into shallower water. Although the weather was moderately poor work commenced with only inter-station time affected as steaming speed was reduced. On the morning of 6 May, with a very poor forecast expected, Genesis broke a headline leg and work was suspended while repairs were carried out to the gear (Haul E0928). The decision was taken to remain on station and repeat the tow, costing approximately 6 hours. As weather conditions deteriorated the Genesis pushed on with the programme completing a further 5 stations before work was suspended and a station was bypassed as conditions were deemed too dangerous to continue. Sheltered waters east of the Orkney Isles was sought to continue work on the evening of 7 May. Once the two Orkney stations had been completed, the weather had subsided enough to allow the Genesis to back track and pick up the station dropped 12 hours earlier. A further programmed station was completed before the Genesis docked at Peterhead at 1930hours on 8 May, unloading the trawl and landing its catch that evening.

Laboratory transport arrived at 0830 hours on 9 May and off loaded the equipment and staff. Laboratory staff arrived back at the Marine Laboratory at 1030 hours. The fishing gear was removed from Peterhead harbour on 11 May by Jackson Trawls.

During the Eastern survey area the Genesis completed 37 hauls of which 36 were valid, more notably all extra stations (totalling 4) below the 200m contour were completed as requested by the project leader. Sampling some 196 individual Monkfish for a total live weight of 500 Kgs and 513 Megrim for a live weight of 165 Kgs from within the Eastern survey area.
Chief scientistIain M Penny (Marine Scotland Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
Cruise reportGenesis 0809H cruise report 0809h.pdf — access key 'C' (0.08 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth Sea
SpecificNorthern North Sea, east of Orkney & Shetland
Track chartsGenesis 0809H cruise track — 0809htrk.pdf (0.07 MB)