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Fram 2006 Loch Shieldaig

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Ship name (ship code)Fram (FOFA)
Cruise identifier2006 Loch Shieldaig
Cruise period2006-11-14 — 2006-11-16

1. Recover an Aanderaa remotely monitored environmental data buoy
2. Recover an Aanderaa RDCP600 recording doppler current profiler in trawl-resistant bottom mount
3. Recover two Sontek Argonaut acoustic current meters
4. Recover four Aandreaa water level recorders
5. Recover minilogger string from the CAPTOR buoy
6. Download Davis Monitor II weather station


(A second small fishing vessel, Kit-Kat, also took part in the fieldwork)

J Beaton and D Lichtman travelled across to Shieldaig on the afternoon of 14th November.

The next day the weather station was checked and the data backed up. The data buoy receiver station was dismantled and the data backed up. We then went to check the CAPTOR buoy, which had been recovered and stored at a Panfish fish farm site. The minilogger string was missing as it had been ripped off while out at sea. Photos were taken and the navigation light removed for replacement.

In the afternoon J Beaton, D Lichtman and S Buttle went out on the Kit Kat to recover the smaller moorings. Going first to the outer Loch Torridon Water Level Recorder (WLR), the surface buoy was missing and could not be recovered. We then headed into Upper Loch Shieldaig and recovered the Sontek mooring and WLR at the head of the loch. The second WLR in Upper Loch Torridon had been lifted two weeks previously by Marine Harvest during fish cage anchor repositioning.

The Kit Kat then headed back to Loch Shieldaig and we lifted the last Sontek mooring. The surface buoy of the WLR mooring was missing and the instrument could not be recovered. The equipment was then offloaded at the pier and the Kit Kat returned to its mooring.

J Beaton and D Lichtman met the Fram at Ardheslaig on the morning of the 16th. The Fram travelled round into Loch Shieldaig to the data buoy. The Buoy was switched off and the sensor mast removed, before being towed back to Ardheslaig. We then went back to recover the bottom mounted Recording Doppler Current Profiler (RDCP). The acoustic release was triggered using a hydrophone and command unit. The released float was recovered and the bottom mount lifted using the pot hauler. The Fram returned to Ardheslaig to meet the box van. The data buoy and the bottom mount were loaded onto the box van to return to the marine lab.

The last WLR was then picked up from the Marine Harvest fish farm site and before returning to Aberdeen.
Chief scientistJohn Beaton (Fisheries Research Services Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
ProjectSpatial Distribution of Sea-Lice 2006 fieldwork (FC1195) Phase III
Cruise reportFram 2006 Loch Shieldaig cruise report fram2006.pdf — access key 'C' (0.02 MB) 
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GeneralInner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland
SpecificLoch Shieldaig