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INTERPOL Suspended particulate matter data set, Aegean Sea (2001-2002)

Data holding centreHellenic Centre for Marine Research, Institute of Oceanography (HCMR/IO)
CountryGreece  Greece
Time period(a) September 2001, (b) October 2001, (c) February 2002
Geographical area

Thermaikos Gulf


Particulate total and organic carbon concentrations in the water column; Nitrogen concentrations in suspended particulate material; Phosphorus concentrations in suspended particulate material; Particulate total and organic phosphorus concentrations in the water column


Discrete water samplers


The major objectives of the INTERPOL project were: to study and integrate the effects of natural and anthropogenically induced resuspension on the transport, cycling and impact of pollutants, key elements and nutrients in the shelf ecosystem of the Mediterranean; study the effects of stormy (natural) and trawling (anthropogenic) resuspension on the cycling and regional budget of nutrients key elements and selected organic micropollutants; to examine their synergistic effects in the marine ecosystem (Biochemical processes to deep euphotic zone and sediment water interface as productivity, benthic, pelagic coupling, toxic blooms) and to estimate ecotoxicological effects in two commercial species from fisheries and aquaculture. The methodological approach to achieve the objectives incorporates: Three selected sampling periods (before-during trawling/September-October 2001, after stormy conditions/January-February 2002). On line monitoring of the resuspension events (instrumented buoys, sediment trap, current meters/ September 2001 - September 2002). Accurate sampling of benthic boundary layer using epibenthic sled, benthic landers deployment. A series of conventional techniques such as CTD-Rosette sampling, box corer, multi corer, side scan sonar etc. Modelling. Dedicated experimental and laboratory experiments.

OriginatorsHellenic Centre for Marine Research, Institute of Oceanography (HCMR/IO)
OrganisationHellenic Centre for Marine Research, Institute of Oceanography (HCMR/IO)
AvailabilityBy negotiation
ContactDr V. Lykousis

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Institute of Oceanography (HCMR/IO)
46.7 km Athinon-Souniou Av. P.O.Box 712


Collating centreHellenic Centre for Marine Research, Hellenic National Oceanographic Data Centre (HCMR/HNODC)
Local identifier6011008
Global identifier1276
Last revised2015-07-21