Hydrology-hydrochemistry of the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Proper

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Data holding centreLatvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology
CountryLatvia  Latvia
Time period1973-2007
Geographical area

Gulf of Riga, Latvia's coastal zone of Baltic Proper


Ammonium and ammonia concentration parameters in water bodies; Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in water bodies; Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column; Nitrate concentration parameters in the water column; Nitrite concentration parameters in the water column; Phosphate concentration parameters in the water column; Salinity of the water column; Silicate concentration parameters in the water column; Dissolved inorganic nitrogen concentration in the water column; Dissolved total and organic nitrogen concentrations in the water column; Temperature of the water column; Alkalinity, acidity and pH of the water column; Dissolved total or organic phosphorus concentration in the water column


Discrete water samplers; titrators; spectrophotometers; nutrient analysers


Marine monitoring in the Gulf of Riga has been carried out from 1973 to 2007, with nutrient levels, oxygen levels, temperature and salinity etc. being measured. The measurements were performed within marine monitoring program by successive national responsible bodies. Sampling was done using research vessels 'Geofizikis' up to 1994, 'Antonija' since 1995 until 2005. Since 2005 sampling was done using Latvian Naval Forces ships. Water samples for analyses were collected using Nansen batometers. After sampling to each sample has been assigned unique ID number. Those ID numbers are used in database as primary arrangement tool in parallel with chronological arrangement. Data in database are final values checked for analytical errors. However, at present state no analytically correct outliers are marked. Data base cover Gulf of Riga and Latvia's coastal part of Baltic Sea. Data are starting from 1973 and from once a year per station till 20 times a year per station. Since 2005 the observation rates were redused to 7 times a year for intensive station.

OriginatorsLatvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology
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OrganisationLatvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology
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ContactDr. Juris Aigars (Head of LIAE, Marine Monitoring centre)

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