Database of pollutant transport with river flow for the Black Sea coast

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Data holding centreScientific Research Institute of Ecological Problems (USRIEP)
CountryUkraine  Ukraine
Time period1995-2005
Geographical area

Black Sea coast


Contaminant fluxes between the terrestrial and marine environment; Pollution events


The database contains information on pollutants transport with river flow into the Black Sea. The database was developed with the aim to assess impact level of pollutants on the coastal marine water quality. The database contains data and information on Danube, Dnepr, Southern Bug, Dniester rivers. The database contains the following sections: control point, coordinates, average annual fiver flow (m3 per year), transport of pollutants (tones per year) and average annual concentration of pollutants in river water (mg per l). The following ingredients are considered: suspended solids, BOD5, nitrates-N, nitrites-N, total N, phosphates, ammonia nitrogen-N, Cu, Ni, Cr, Zn, oil products. Raw primary data were obtained by Oblast hydro-chemical stations and were transferred to the National Hydrometeorological Center (Central Hydrophysical Laboratory). Materials for database development were received from Central Hydrophysical Laboratory (Kiev). The data allow to assess dynamics of pollutants transport into the coastal zone from 1995-2005. Excel and Arcview were used. Data and information contained in the database can be used for modelling of marine water quality in the areas of discharge points and for modelling of marine water quality of the Ukrainian part of the Black Sea.

OriginatorsScientific Research Institute of Ecological Problems (USRIEP)
OrganisationScientific Research Institute of Ecological Problems (USRIEP)
ContactAlexander Kuzin

Scientific Research Institute of Ecological Problems (USRIEP)
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