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HIMOS - hydrology and meteorology of Szczecin Odra river, southern Baltic Sea (1983-)

Data holding centreMaritime Institute in Gdansk (MIG), Szczecin Branch
CountryPoland  Poland
Time period1983 - 1996
Geographical area

Estuary of Odra river (Poland) covering lower Odra river network, Odra Lagoon and Baltic Sea coast in the neighbourhood of Odra river mouth


Sea level


The measuring network contains 22 stations of water-level measurements. Among these stations, 3 belong to the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management and 17 to the Maritime Institute Szczecin Branch (MISB). In addition, 3 non-operational stations of MISB are included. Graphs obtained from measuring devices are currently digitized, verified with regard to possible devices malfunctioning and subsequently placed into the computer database as time series of water levels for particular stations. Density of digitizing equals 150 points per week on average and depends on the variability of the levels. The database hard-copy outputs are either graphical or tabular. Database records are currently used for the development and application of hydrological and hydraulic mathematical models of the region and can be used for stochastic analysis as well. The database outputs can be linked with the RC10 database (the system for digitized measurements of hydrological and meteorological variables).

OriginatorsMaritime Institute in Gdansk (MIG), Szczecin Branch
OrganisationMaritime Institute in Gdansk (MIG), Szczecin Branch
AvailabilityOrganisation; moratorium
ContactNot supplied (Branch Manager, Second Manager)

Maritime Institute in Gdansk (MIG), Szczecin Branch
ul. Niedzia³kowskiego 47

Telephone+48 91 4223843
Facsimile+48 (91) 4223843
Collating centreInstitute of Meteorology and Water Management National Research Institute, Maritime Branch in Gdynia (IMWM MB)
Local identifier21008001
Global identifier1678
Last revised2009-01-08