Netherlands National Monitoring of Waves in the Southern North Sea Region (1990-)

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Data holding centreRijkswaterstaat Central Information Services
CountryNetherlands  Netherlands
ProjectNational Physical Monitoring Programme(MON*FYSICA)
Time period1990-present
Geographical area

Southern North Sea: The area of the Dutch continental shelf South of 54° 14min N.


Spectral wave data parameters; Wave height and period statistics


Wave recorders


MON*FYSICA is a part of the Monitoring programme of the National Water Systems (in Dutch : Monitoring Waterstaatkundige Toestand des Lands; MWTL) The primary goal of the MWTL programme is to provide physical, chemical and biological information in relation to long term developments. So the focal point for the monitoring programme is based on trend detection. Another aim for the physical monitoring programme is to obtain information of the rising of he sea level. The Dutch marine and brackish waters are dived into areas. In field GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE the area is mentioned. The Directional Wave-bouys are situated in deep water so waves are not disturbed by depth of the watercolumn and changes in morphology. Before the Dutch coast 5 buoys are placed and another one is placed nearby platforms. Every 10 minutes wave parameters are calculated over the last 20 minutes. The standard of recording of wave data are a set of parameters for the wave energy density spectrum, a set of data for the wave direction and directional spread spectrum and a set of 12 much used parameters. The first two sets of parameters do have a time interval of 3 houres. The last set of 8 parameters has a time interval of 1 hour. The parameters of the set of 12 are: Hmo, Tmo2, Tho, Sobh, HTE3, Th3, H1/3, TH1, Hmax, Tmax, Tm-10 and Fp. For actual planning:

OriginatorsRijkswaterstaat Water, Traffic and Environment
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