EU-SEASED, a searchable catalogue of over 300.000 seafloor samples from the ocean basins and continental shelves, held at European institutions

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Data holding centreMarine Information Service
CountryNetherlands  Netherlands
Time periodThe samples range from ca. 1840 to present.
Geographical area

European continental shelves and the ocean basins


Mineralogical composition; Lithology; Sediment grain size parameters; Sediment water content, porosity and surface area; Geological sample magnetic, electrical and acoustic properties; Geological sample density; Concentration of organic matter in sediments; Carbon concentrations in sediment


Magnetometers; sediment traps; sediment grabs; unconsolidated sediment corers; rock corers; rock dredges


The EU-Seased database and website has come forward from the EU-funded projects EUROCORE and EUMARSIN. It provides a searchable catalogue of over 300.000 seafloor samples from the ocean basins and continental shelves, held at European institutions. There are more than 60 geological survey departments and university departments contributing to the metadatabase. Searches can be made using a graphic interface ('Search by map') or by text filled fields (Search all fields') which allows searching on a wide range of parameters. The result of searches will only list metadata, access to samples and any related accessory datasets is for negotiation between the user and the repository where the sample is stored. Contact information is provided. The website is managed by MARIS in a service contract for Euro Geo Surveys.

OriginatorsBRGM / Office of Geological and Mining Resources
British Geological Survey, Edinburgh
Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Hannover.
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Geological Survey of Finland - GTK
Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)
Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU
IFREMER / IDM / SISMER - Scientific Information Systems for the SEA
IGME, Geological Survey of Spain
Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration, Marine Geology Department (MGD/IGME)
Institute of Oceanology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IO-BAS)
Instituto Geologico e Mineiro
National Institute of Marine Geology and Geoecology
Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute, Branch of Marine Geology (PGI BMG)
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Geological Survey of Belgium
TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands
Data web site
OrganisationMarine Information Service
ContactDick M.A. Schaap (Managing director)

Marine Information Service
Koningin Julianalaan 345A


Telephone+31 (0)70-3004710
Facsimile+31 70 3903546
Collating centreNational Oceanographic Data Committee
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Global identifier2999
Last revised2009-03-17