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Data holding centreIfremer, Scientific Information Systems for the sea
CountryFrance  France
Time period1979 -->
Geographical area

Couverture mondiale - World wide coverage


Bathymetry and Elevation


Multi-beam echosounders


French national bank of bathymetry : multibeam echosounder data from the French civil Research vessels.

OriginatorsAlfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Geophysics Department
Aquitaine Observatory of Sciences of the Universe, University of Bordeaux
CEA, Climate and Environmental Sciences Laboratory
CEA, Dept Dase, Service TMG
CNRS, COM, Physical and Biogeochemical Oceanography Laboratory (Luminy)
CNRS, Institut de Geodynamique (Sophia Antipolis)
CNRS, Laboratory Of Sciences Of Marine Environment
CSIC, Institute of Marine Sciences
Direction de l'Industrie, des Mines et de l'Energie
EPOC, Geology and Oceanography Department
European Research and Teaching Centre for Environmental Geosciences
Free University Amsterdam
French Geological Survey (BRGM)
French Petroleum Institute New Energies (Rueil-Malmaison)
Fugro France SA
GEOAZUR Laboratory
Geo-Ocean Laboratory, UMR 6538
Geosciences Montpellier
Hydrographic and oceanographic service of the French navy
IFREMER, Laboratory of coastal Benthic Ecology
IRD, Centre de Noumea
IRD, Centre de Bretagne
IRD, Centre de Papeete
IRD, Centre of Abidjan
Ifremer Head Office
Ifremer, CRELA
Ifremer, Centre de Bretagne
Ifremer, Centre de Méditerranée
Ifremer, Deep Environment Laboratory
Ifremer, Deep Sea Environment Department
Ifremer, Department of Spatial and Physical Oceanography
Ifremer, Ecology and Models for the Fishing Industry
Ifremer, GENAVIR (La Seyne sur Mer)
Ifremer, Marine Geosciences
Ifremer, TSI/AS, Acoustic Seismic
Ifremer, Technologicals Research and Development
Institute of Earth Physics of Paris
Laboratory of Oceanography and Climate, Experiments and numerical Approaches
Laboratory of Oceanography of Villefranche
Laboratory of Phyical Oceanography, CNRS-IFREMER-IRD-UBO
Laboratory of Physical Oceanography, Universite de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO)
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Lab. Biologie des Invertebres Marins et Malacologie
Roscoff Marine Station, Sorbonne Université and CNRS
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
The Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of Kiel
Universite de Bretagne-Sud, Geosciences, LAUBS
Universite de Cergy-Pontoise, Laboratoire de Tectonique
Universite de Corse, CEVAREN
Universite de Montpellier II, Laboratoire de Geophysique et Tectonique
Universite de Nantes, Laboratoire de Geologie Marine et Appliquee
Universite de Nantes, Laboratoire de Petrologie Structurale
Universite de Paris VI, Geosciences Azur, Site de Villefranche, OOV
Universite de Paris VI, Laboratoire de Geologie Dynamique Paris
Universite de Paris VI, Laboratoire de Tectonique
University Rennes I, Rennes GEOSCIENCES
University of Algarve, Aquatic Resources Science and Technology Unit
University of Bordeaux I, Center for study of tropical geography
University of Bremen, Department of Tracer-Oceanography
University of Perpignan, CEFREM
University of Perpignan, Institut Of Modelisation and Analysis In Marine Geo-Environment
University of Rouen Normandy, M2C - Continental and Coastal Morphodynamics - UMR 6143
University of Strasbourg I (Louis Pasteur), Earth Sciences School and Observatory
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Department of Physical Oceanography

Bourillet J.F, Edy C., Rambert F., Satra C., Loubrieu B. (1996) Swath mapping system processing : bathymetry and cartography, Marine Geophysical Researches, 1996, 18,487-506; RUE A., EDY C. (1992) "Les formats des fichiers" in "Informatique embarquee de l'ATALANTE" V1.0 15/01/1992 IFREMER/DITI/GEN-ATALANTE/AR/CE/92-005, 1992; Lurton X., Dugelay S., Augustin J.M. (1994) Analysis of multibeam echo-sounder signals from the deep seafloor., Oceans¿94, 1994, Vol 3,213-218; LE GAL L., EDY C. (1997) CARAIBES : an integrated software for multibeam echosounde and sidescan sonar data mapping, IEE Oceans 97, 6-9 0ct. 1997, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1997; Hammerstad E. ,Ohner F., Parthiot F. and Bennett J. (1991) Field testing of a new deep water multibeam echosounder., Oceans¿91, 1991, Vol 2,743-749; Edy Christian (1986) Automatic mapping with multibeam Echosounder Data . Proceedings Fourth Working Symp. on Oceanographic Data Systems San Diego, Computer Soc. Press, 1986,229-238

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OrganisationIfremer, Scientific Information Systems for the sea
AvailabilityBy negotiation
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Ifremer, Scientific Information Systems for the sea
IFREMER Centre de Bretagne ZI Pointe du diable CS 10070


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