Maerl Ground Biota off North-Eastern Malta

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Data holding centreDepartment of Biology, University of Malta
CountryMalta  Malta
ProjectBIOMAERL - Maerl Biodiversity, Functional, Structure and Anthropogenic Impacts(Biomaerl-Malta)
Time periodJuly 1996 - April 1998
Geographical area

Northeastern Coast of the Malta (Central Mediterraean): Off Qawra/Salina bay & off St. Paul's Islands.


Other physical and chemical properties of suspended particulate material


Salinity sensor; sediment grabs; unconsolidated sediment corers


Maerl beds are characterised by accumulations of live and dead free-living coralline algae which form nodules known as rhodoliths. This research was undertaken in the framework of the BIOMAERL project. Two sites were studied: one site considered as an impacted site and another site used as control. Seasonal samples were collected from each site by means of a van Veen grab for a period of two years. The sediment, live rhodoliths and the biota collected were analysed and identified. Measurement of physicochemical parameters of the water column overlying the mearl beds was also carried out throughout the two-year sampling period. The data set contains the results of the seasonal study with the aid of several figures in both the physical and biological aspects. Biological data includes a list of the trophic groups assigned to each species collected from the Maerl bed. A species list of all the species (155 species of animals & 75 species of algae) encountered in the study is also included.

OriginatorsDepartment of Biology, University of Malta
OrganisationDepartment of Biology, University of Malta
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ContactPatrick J. Schembri

Department of Biology, University of Malta
Department of Biology, University of Malta

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Collating centreOceanography Malta Research Group, Department of Geosciences, University of Malta
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