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UK Hydrographic Office Coastline 1 (HOCL1) - North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea

Data holding centreUnited Kingdom Hydrographic Office
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time period1989
Geographical area

North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea


Bathymetry and Elevation




Coastline, 50m and 200m depth contour data for the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea. Coastline and 200m depth contour principally from 1:3,500,000 (at latitude 22 30') Admiralty charts based on the INT series of navigational charts. Correct to 1989, no subsequent updating has been carried out. The 50m depth contour was digitised from larger scale Admiralty and foreign charts. In some areas contours were interpolated from fathoms charts. The data set consists principally of line features defined by about 0.22 million individual geographic locations. In IFF, ASCII character code, this amounts to about 5.8 megabytes. The data conforms to the following conventions: Coastline digitised so that in 95 per cent of instances the error between the digitised and charted coastline is less than 1 mile (0.5mm at chart scale). The area has been divided into 9 sub-areas within which all lines are continuous and digitised so that land/shallow water lies to the right of the line. Small islands have been digitised as single point features. In areas of numerous small islands, only a representative selection has been digitised. Where depth contours appeared very close together on the source charts, the shoalest contour was digitised and then given the feature code of the deeper contour.

OriginatorsUnited Kingdom Hydrographic Office
Data web site
OrganisationUnited Kingdom Hydrographic Office
AvailabilityCollection cost charge; licence
ContactEdward Hosken (Head of Hydrographic Data Services)

United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

United Kingdom

Telephone+44 1823 337900
Collating centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
Local identifier1027007
Global identifier566
Last revised2009-05-22