Organochlorine compounds in marine animals in Scottish coastal waters (1989-)

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Data holding centreFisheries Research Services, Aberdeen Marine Laboratory
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodFrom 1989 onwards
Geographical area

Scottish coastal waters


Concentration of other organic contaminants in biota; Concentration of polychlorobiphenyls (PCBs) in biota


Benthos samplers; manual biota samplers


Data collected by the Chemistry Section of the Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen is presented in a variety of papers and reports, a recent bibliography of which is given below.

OriginatorsFisheries Research Services, Aberdeen Marine Laboratory

Balls, P.W. (1989) Trace metal and major ion composition of precipitation at a North Sea coastal site., Atmosphere Environment 23(12): 2751- 2759.; Bailey, S.K. and Davies, I.M. (1990) Survey of the effects of tributyltin on dogwhelks (Nucella lapillus) from Scottish coastal waters., Journal of Marine Biological Association UK 69: 335-354; Clark, G.K. and Topping, G. (1990) Mercury concentrations in fish from contaminated areas in Scottish waters., Journal of the Marine Biological Association UK 69: 437-445.; Balls, P.W. (1990) Distribution and composition of suspended particulatematerial in the Clyde estuary and associated sea lochs., Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 30, 475-487.; Hall, A.J., Law, R.J., Wells, D.E., Harwood, J., Ross, H.M., Kennedy, S., Alchin, C., Campbell, L.A. and Pomeroy, P.P. (1992) Organochlorine levels in common seals (Phoca vitulina) which were victims and survivors of the 1988 phocine distemper epizootic., The Science of the Total Environment, 115(1-2): 145-162.; Topping, G., Balls, P., Cofino, W., Schmidt, D., Wilson, S. and Yeats, P. (1991) A review of measurements of trace metals in coastal and shelf sea water samples; collected by ICES and JMP Laboratories during 1985-1987., International Council for the Exploration of the Sea Cooperative Research Report No. 178, 64pp.; Rodger, G.K., Brown, F.M.J. and Davies, I.M. (1991) JMG Purpose A report: Mercury in fin and shellfish landed at Scottish ports., Scottish Fisheries Working Paper No. 20/91.; Rodger, G.K., Davies, I.M. and Moore, D.C. (1991) Recovery of a sewage sludge dumping ground. I. Trace metal concentrations in the sediment., Marine Ecology Progress Series, 75, 293-299.; Rodger, G.K., Davies, I.M. and Topping, G. (1991) Retention of trace metal contaminants in the sediment at an accumulating sewage sludge disposal site., Water Research, 26(1): 111-120.

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