Automated and High Resolution (HR) Flow Cytometry (FCM) dataset of the Continuous High Resolution Observation of the MEditerranean sea project (CHROME)

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Data holding centreMediterranean Institute of Oceanography (Marseille)
CountryFrance  France
Time period2015 - 2017
Geographical area

Western Mediterranean


Phytoplankton generic abundance in water bodies


Flow cytometers


Phytoplankton functional diversity and spatio-temporal distribution at the meso-scale are studied in the frame of the Continuous High Resolution Observation of the Mediterranean (CHROME project funded by the Excellence Initiative Aix-Marseille University (A*MIDEX) thanks to the combined installation of a Ferrybox system (belonging to the Institut National des Sciences et Technologie de la mer (INSTM) in Tunisia) and a Cytosense flow cytometer onboard of the Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation (CTN) ferry “Le Carthage”. Samples were collected during the cruises between Tunis-Marseille and Tunis-Genova from October 2016 to January 2017. This led to an amount of 80 transects and more than 7000 samples collected. Data analyses resolved the abundances of up to six phytoplankton functional groups based on size and pigment content.

OriginatorsMediterranean Institute of Oceanography (Marseille)

Soumaya Lahbib M. Dugenne, M.Thyssen , M. Libes, C.Sammari , P. Marrec and G. Grégori (2016) New flow cytometry data Management method, International Workshop - JERICO-Next (H2020); Soumaya Lahbib M. Dugenne, M. Libes, M. Belhassen, A. Zouari, P. Marrec, N. Bhairy, G. Grégori, C.Sammari, S., Ben Ismail and M.Thyssen (2016) Deployment of a new version automated flow cytometer on a FerryBox in the western Mediterranean Sea: management and quality control of flow cytometry data, 7th FerryBox Workshop; Pierre Marrec, Cherif Sammari, Nagib Bhairy, Mathilde Dugenne, Gérald Grégori, Sana Ben Ismail, Soumaya Lahbib and MelilotusThyssen (2016) Coupling FerryBox and automated flow cytometer: a new approach for studying biogeochemical processes and CO2;system variability in relation to phytoplankton community structure, 7th FerryBox Workshop; Bernard Quéguiner, Madeleine Goutx, Dominique Lefèvre, Patrick Raimbault and Melilotus Thyssen (2015) National conférence-Pôle de Recherche Intersectoriel et Interdisciplinaire, PR2I, “Environnement (Hommes, Milieux, Sociétés)”, Aix-Marseille Université et le Pôle Mer Méditerranée; Pierre Marrec, A.M. Doglioli, G. Grégori, A. Della Penna, T. Wagener, G. Rougier, N. Bhairy, J. Fenouil, M. Dugenne, S. Lahbib, and M. Thyssen (2017) Unravel the submesoscale dynamics of the phytoplanktonic community in the NW Mediterranean Sea by in situ observations: the 2015 OSCAHR cruise., International congress, EGU, Vienne; Soumaya Lahbib, Mathilde Dugenne, Maurice Libes, Cherif Sammari, Melilotus Thyssen (2016) High resolution and automated flow cytometry data management, IMDISS 2016; Soumaya Lahbib, Mathilde Dugenne, Maurice Libes, Melilotus Thyssen, Cherif Sammari, Gérald Grégori et Pierre Marrec (2016) Gestion des données de cytométrie en flux, SIST, Montpellier

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OrganisationMediterranean Institute of Oceanography (Marseille)
AvailabilityBy negotiation
ContactMelilotus THYSSEN (Research Scientist)

Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (Marseille)
163 Avenue de Luminy Bâtiment Méditerranée
Marseille Cedex 9


Telephone+33(0)4 91 82 92 12
Collating centreMediterranean Institute of Oceanography (Marseille)
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