Zooplankton and optical plankton counter database for the North and South Atlantic (1994-)

Data set information

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Data holding centrePlymouth Marine Laboratory
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodModel hindcasts are run from 1955 to present day
Geographical area

NE Atlantic and NW European Continental Shelf


Zooplankton taxonomy-related abundance per unit volume of the water column; Zooplankton non taxonomy-related abundance per unit volume of the water column


Plankton nets; plankton counters


A database has been established covering optical plankton counter and more traditional methods of establishing mesozooplankton abundance. This covers both North and South Atlantic - cruises include those undertaken as part of the PRIME, AMT and other projects.

OriginatorsPlymouth Marine Laboratory

Gallienne, C.P. , and Robins, D.B. (2001) Is Oithona the most important copepod in the world's oceans?, Journal of Plankton Research, 23(12): 1421-1432.; Woodd-Walker, R.S., Kingston, K.S., and Gallienne, C.P. (2001) Using neural networks to predict surface zooplankton biomass along a 50°N to 50°S transect of the Atlantic., Journal of Plankton Research, 23(8): 875-888.; Gallienne, C.P., Robins, D.B., and Woodd-Walker, R.S. (2001) Abundance, distribution and size structure of zooplankton along a 20° west meridional transect of the northeast Atlantic Ocean in July., Deep Sea Research II, 48(4-5): 925-949.; Piontkovski, S.A., Landry, M.R., Finenko, Z.Z., Kovalev, A.V., Williams, R., Gallienne, C.P., Mishonov, A.V., Skryabin, V.A., Tokarev, Y.N., and Nikolsky, V.N. (2003) Plankton communities of the South Atlantic anticyclonic gyre., Oceanologica Acta 26(3): 255-268.; Gallienne, C.P., and Robins, D.B. (1998) Trans-oceanic characterization of zooplankton community size structure using an optical plankton counter., Fisheries Oceanography 7(2): 147-158.

OrganisationPlymouth Marine Laboratory
AvailabilityBy negotiation
ContactPolly Hadžiabdić (Head of the BODC Requests Team)

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