Wave and wind data from six sites in the North Sea (1973-)

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Data holding centreBP Exploration & Production
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom
Time periodVarious periods from 1973 onwards
Geographical area

North Sea


Wind strength and direction; Wave direction; Other wave statistics; Wind stress and shear; Spectral wave data parameters; Wave height and period statistics


Anemometers; wave recorders


The data set comprises wave and wind data collected at oil platforms as detailed below. All of the data were gathered by Marex (now Paras) with the exception of that collected at Beatrice Field. 1. Forties FB (57° 40'N, 000° 50'E, water depth 128m), data collection from 01 December 1976 onwards. This series comprises more than one set of wave measurements. 2. West Sole (53° 42'N, 001° 09'E water depth 24m), data collection from 13 October 1986 to 31 December 1988 (waves), and 16 October 1986 to 22 August 1991 (winds, including a break in recording from April to March 1990 due to construction work). In addition, the following data were collected: West Sole WA (53° 42'N, 001° 09'E, water depth 24m) from 01 January 1974 to 13 October 1986 (waves), from 02 October 1973 onwards (winds); West Sole WB (53° 43'N, 001° 07'E, water depth 26m) from 27 October 1973 to 21 July 1981 (waves), from 10 February 1980 to 31 December 1982 (winds); West Sole WC (53° 45'N, 001° 05'E, water depth 29m) from 24 August 1972 to 17 October 1973 (waves), from 30 January 1973 to 07 February 1980 (winds). 3. Magnus Platform (61° 37.18'N, 001° 18.47'E, water depth 188m), data collection from 11 April 1985 to 01 May 1992 (waves). Wind data collection is continuing. 4. Buchan Platform (57° 54'N, 000° 04'E, water depth 120m), data collection from 01 January 1981 onwards. Spectral analysis of wave data was carried out onshore. 5. Cleeton Platform (54° 00'N, 000° 36'E, water depth 50m), data collection from 02 October 1988 to 31 December 1991. Data acquisition was expected to resume in September 1993. Current meter data were also collected between 01 January 1990 and 30 May 1991. 6. Beatrice Field (58° 06.83'N, 003° 04'W, water depth 45m), data collection from 01 November 1976 to 01 December 1979. The data were gathered by IMCOS for Britoil; ownership has now passed to BP Limited. Wave data only were collected and the data series is a composite of two close stations.

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