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Bottom topography and sediment maps of the Central Baltic Sea (1:500000), 1997-1999

Data holding centreGeological Survey of Sweden, SGU
CountrySweden  Sweden
Time period1997-1999
Geographical area

Central Baltic Sea and coastal areas of Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland


Bathymetry and Elevation; Sediment acoustics


Within the framework of the GEOBALT project, one bathymetric and one bottom sediment map of the entire central Baltic Sea at a scale of 1:500,000 has been worked out and compiled from various relevant and new information collected by the states around the Baltic Sea. The work, managed by Lithuania and Sweden, has been undertaken as a co-operative project between the states. Supplementary to the hard prints, GIS databases have been produced for the bathymetric and bottom sediments data. Both the maps and databases are aimed at and directed to the scientific, commercial, and general public users of Baltic Sea information. Keywords: Central Baltic Sea, geological map, bathymetry, bottom sediments, GIS data base.

OriginatorsGeological Survey of Sweden, SGU

Gelumbauskaite, L-Z. (1998) Bathymetric Map of the Central Baltic Sea, scale 1:500,000. No. 1/SGU Series Ba No. 54. Vilnius-Uppsala., LTG Series of marine Geological Maps; Repecka, M. & Cato, I. (1998) Bottom Sediment Map of the Central Baltic Sea, scale 1:500,000., LTG series of Marine Geological Maps

OrganisationGeological Survey of Sweden, SGU
ContactIngemar Cato

Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU
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SE-751 28

Telephone+46-18-17 90 00
Facsimile+46 (0)18-17 92 10
Collating centreSwedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
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Global identifier95
Last revised2017-09-27