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GLOSS number122
Station name


Time zone180E, GMT + 12hrs
Latitude (+ve N)-18.13333
Longitude (+ve E)178.43333
Observation period(s)1975-1988 Float/stilling well 1989- Acoustic added
Responsible countryAustralia
Authority responsible
for tide gauge
National Tidal Centre, Australia (see GLOSS Contact Points).
GLOSS contactAustralia
Committed to GLOSSYes
Location mapView location map for GLOSS station Suva
Digital dataYes
Additional parametersBarometric pressure, wind speed & direction, air & water temperature
Data acquisition rateRecorded at 6 minute intervals
Fast delivery data at UHSLCDownload h018.dat from UHSLC   Format documentation for UHSLC data
High frequency data at BODCDownload from BODC   View Suva site history   View BODC document #57284  
High frequency data at UHSLCDownload from UHSLC   Download documentation qa018a.dmt from UHSLC   Download from UHSLC   Download documentation qa018b.dmt from UHSLC   Format documentation for UHSLC data
Real-time data availableYes
Additional parameters (real-time)Barometric pressure, wind speed & direction, air & water temperature
Tide gauge benchmarksNOS benchmark disk stamped '1 1989' set in concrete sea wall of the dockat Kings Wharf near the Ports Authority Office Building.
Benchmark relationshipsTGBM = 8.89 feet above mean lower low water (1960-1978 epoch) TGBM = 6.64 feet above mean sea level (1960-1978 epoch) TGBM = 4.71 feet above mean high water (1960-1978 epoch)
Auxiliary benchmarks2 1989 Screw 6 unstamped 3 1989 Screw 7 unstamped 4 1989 Screw 8 unstamped 5 1989 1-TG unstamped: brass screw inset in triangle 2ft S of tide house and 1.5 ft from edge of wharf
Data at PSMSL 
Annual MSL (RLR) dataDownload annual MSL (RLR) data for Suva
Annual MSL (RLR) plotView annual MSL (RLR) plot for Suva
MSL methodHourly means
PSMSL code1327
Other relevant codesNTF port no. 67050, UHSLC 018
Additional information 
Other relevant informationA gauge was maintained on behalf of the TOGA Sea Level Center until it was withdrawn in May 1989 (PSMSL Code 742/013 1975-1989). A gauge at Kings Wharf was destroyed in Nov 1983 and the station was relocated to Walu Bay Naval Facility (operated by Univ. Hawaii). There was an overlap of 3 months with the new NOAA gauge and the Walu gauge. PSMSL also hold data from another gauge (PSMSL Code 742/011 1960-1961,1964). NTF took over the gauge from NOAA in November 1997.
Nearest Met. stationLaucala Bay, Suva
Last updated2002-10-16