GLOSS Station Handbook

Station information sheet

GLOSS number191
Station name

Puerto Madryn

Time zone045W, GMT - 3hrs
Latitude (+ve N)-42.76666
Longitude (+ve E)-65.03333
Observation period(s)1944-
Responsible countryArgentina
Authority responsible
for tide gauge
Servicio de Hidrografia Naval, Dto. Oceanografia, Avda. Montes de Oca 2124, C.P. 1271 Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina.
GLOSS contactArgentina
Committed to GLOSSYes
Location mapView location map for GLOSS station Puerto Madryn
Digital dataNo
Additional parametersNone
Data acquisition rateHourly recording
Real-time data availableNo
Additional parameters (real-time)None
Tide gauge benchmarksBenchmark bolt inside tide gauge hut adjacent to stilling well.
Benchmark relationshipsTide gauge zero (TGZ) = local chart datum TGZ = 2.83m below 'O' IGM TGZ = 8.22m below TGBM (from 1944 onwards)
Auxiliary benchmarksAUX 1: punto fijo ubicado en la parte superior del tubo maregrafico adyacente. AUX 2: punto fijo Nodal A (IGM), ubicado en los jardines de la Estacion Terminal de Omnibus de Pto. Madryn.
Data at PSMSL 
Annual MSL (RLR) dataDownload annual MSL (RLR) data for Puerto Madryn
Annual MSL (RLR) plotView annual MSL (RLR) plot for Puerto Madryn
MSL methodmean monthly hourly heights
PSMSL code501
Additional information 
Last updated1993-12-04

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