GLOSS Station Handbook

Station information sheet

GLOSS number47
Station name

Christmas Is.

Time zone105E, GMT + 7hrs
Latitude (+ve N)-10.41666
Longitude (+ve E)105.66666
Observation period(s)Sep 1986 - Mar 1988, Aug 1990 - Nov 1991
Responsible countryAustralia
Authority responsible
for tide gauge
Division of Oceanography, CSIRO, GPO Box 1538, Hobart, Tas 7001, Australia NTF Australia
GLOSS contactAustralia
Committed to GLOSSYes
Location mapView location map for GLOSS station Christmas Is.   View location map for GLOSS station Christmas Is.
Digital dataYes
Data acquisition rate15 minute samples
High frequency data at BODCDownload from BODC   View Christmas Is. site history   View BODC document #58125  
High frequency data at UHSLCDownload from UHSLC   Download documentation qa170a.dmt from UHSLC   Format documentation for UHSLC data
Real-time data availableNo
Tide gauge benchmarksCHS 1: circular brass plaque numbered CHS1 set in bedrock between the two cantilever loaders, Flying Fish Cove.
Benchmark relationshipsTide Gauge Zero (TGZ) = 6.158m below CHS 1 (1986-1988)
Auxiliary benchmarksCHS 2: circular brass plaque numbered CHS 2 set in concrete pad at the root of the North Arm Cantilever jetty. CHS 3: circular brass plaque numbered CHS 3 set on top of concrete pad support for South Arm Cantilever conveyor. Rocky Point RM 3.
Data at PSMSL 
Annual MSL (RLR) dataYes (Monthly metric data only available)
MSL methodHourly means
PSMSL code1010
Other relevant codesNTF port No. 46290, UHSLC 170
Additional information 
Other relevant informationFloat/stilling well analogue gauge at this site 1966-1969. Float/stilling well digital gauge at this site 1986-1988. Geocentric measurements: Precise ephemeris, single point doppler fix (Rocky Point RM3) 1985.
Nearest Met. stationRocky Point, Christmas Island
Last updated2002-10-16

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