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North Atlantic data set

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The Biogeochemical Ocean Flux Study (BOFS) was a Community Research Project of the Natural Environment Research Council. Its aim was to study the role of the oceans in the global cycling of carbon. BOFS was a major UK contribution to the Joint Global Ocean Flux study (JGOFS). The project ran from April 1987 until March 1993.

The North Atlantic fieldwork programme took place between May 1989 and July 1991. The study area covered parts of the Northeast Atlantic (47°N to 60°N on 20°W meridian, Cape Verde Islands to 47°N and south of Iceland). The data set includes background physical oceanographic data and a wide range of biological and chemical parameters both in the water column and in the air-sea and benthic boundary layers.

Data management support was provided by BODC and 98% of all the data collected during the field programme are assembled on this CDROM. The BOFS North Atlantic Data Set CDROM was published in March 1994.

Data collected for the BOFS Sterna 1992 project in the Southern Oceans are available from BODC on request. For more information visit the BOFS project pages.

The individual data sets are also stored in our databank and subsets are available on request. Contact BODC's Enquiries Officer for further information.

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BOFS CDROM Users' Guide BOFS CDROM Users' Guide (4563 KB)