Land-Ocean Interaction Study (LOIS) - Rivers, Atmosphere and Coasts Study (RACS)

Land-Ocean Interaction Study RACS CDROM
Land-Ocean Interaction Study RACS CDROM ©

RACS(C) Marine I and RACS(A) data sets

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The Land-Ocean Interaction Study (LOIS) was a NERC research programme designed to study processes in the coastal zone. The Rivers, Atmosphere and Coasts Study (RACS) was a major component of LOIS that looked at land-sea interactions in the coastal zone and the major exchanges (physical, chemical and biological) between rivers and estuaries and the atmosphere. The study focused on the east coast of the UK from the Wash to the Tweed.

RACS included several sub-components

  • BIOTA – A study of salt marshes of the Humber and Wash
  • RACS (A) – An atmospheric chemistry study looking at air mass changes from the Wash into East Anglia
  • RACS (R) – A study of rivers that drain into the North Sea
  • RACS (C) – A study of the estuaries, coasts and coastal waters between Great Yarmouth and Berwick upon Tweed.

This CDROM contains the shipborne data collected in the coastal North Sea, Humber Estuary and Tweed Estuary for RACS (C), the complete RACS (A) data set and a number of RACS (C) 'Special Topic' stand-alone data sets. The CDROM was published in October 2001.

The data sets on the CDROM include

  • CTD profiles
  • surface water instrumentally measured data and samples
  • in-situ suspended particulate matter size profiles
  • core samples (from the sea floor and mud flats)
  • production experiments
  • shore station, shipborne and aircraft measured meteorology and atmospheric chemistry data

The data sets are accompanied by documentation and interface software (BODC's Database Explorer and Underway Explorer).