Monitoring the Atlantic Inflow toward the Arctic (MAIA)


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The main objective of MAIA was to develop an inexpensive, reliable system based on coastal sea level data, for monitoring the inflow of Atlantic water to the Nordic Seas. MAIA was a research project within the Fifth Framework programme of the European Commission (Contract EVK2-CT-1999-00008).

The project was divided into three phases

  • The analysis of historical data to develop useful algorithms for computing the inflow
  • A validation experiment which focused on collecting data to test the algorithms
  • An analysis to test and refine the algorithms and recommend measures for improvement

The MAIA CDROM contains data collected during the MAIA validation experiment (May 2000 to November 2001). This was a dedicated validation study in the Shetland-Iceland and Barents Sea regions. The study was complemented by data from high quality tidal gauges at Tórshavn, Lerwick, Bodø and Ny-Ålesund. The purpose was to validate algorithms for computing the inflow which were developed during the historical analysis (phase 1) and to verify if the system could give the desired results to the desired accuracy and resolution.

The data set was assembled at BODC and consists of data from CTDs, current meters, moored ADCPs, bottom pressure recorders, inverted echo sounders and drifting floats.

The CDROM comes with a comprehensive users’ guide and interface software. The moored instrument data can be accessed using BODC’s Mooring Explorer. Ocean Data View software, developed at the Alfred Wegener Institute, is provided for use with the CTD data.

The CDROM also includes the MAIA project reports, including the final report, ‘WP7: validation and recommendations’.